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Plate Processing

High Definition Plasma Cutting

Laser Cutting
High Definition Plasma Cutting
Oxy Fuel Cutting
Drilling & Counter Sinking

Inter-Steel have the most comprehensive cutting service available under one roof. We can cut to size and shape all grades of metal plate and sheet from 0.5mm to 200mm in thickness.

Employing the latest CNC profile cutting machinery and CADCAM programming technology, we are able to profile cut to shape and to exacting tolerances plate sizes in excess of 12 metres in length and 4 metres in width. With the advanced plate drilling, countersinking, milling and tapping capability we offer precision drilled holes and milled slots for all plate sizes. We are also able to provide profiled cut plate components with full bevelled edges offering cost savings to our customers when weld preparation is required.
The Plasma is capable of accurately cutting steel up to 50mm thick. The machine bed can hold two 3.2m x 12.0m plates. It is also capable of providing plasma cut bevelled edges when required for weld preparations etc. and can drill/counter bore and countersunk holes up to 40mm diameter.

Drafting and Programming

Our state of the art computer software and highly trained personnel ensure that all material is drawn, nested and machine programmed precisely and economically. Transitions and developments can be produced including Cones and Lobster backs.

Whatever shape you require we can cut it from either a dimensional drawing or DXF file. E-mail or Fax your requirements and we will take care of the rest.

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