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Tubular Electrodes Perth - Welding Consumables by Inter-Steel
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Hardfacing Welding Consumables: Tubular Electrodes

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Hardfacing Welding Consumables: Tubular Electrodes

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The hard facing electrodes in the Inter-Weld range are the easiest to apply and are internationally regarded as among the highest quality available. You’ll need no special skills to produce first class results.

•  Nine grades – from chrome to tungsten
•  Three sizes – 6, 8 and 12 mm
•  Tubular construction only requires low amperage
•  Water resistant flux coating
•  Extremely high alloy concentration

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Inter-Weld Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes
Tubular Hardfacing Electrodes - Inter Group of Companies

A swaged 6 mm aluminium stub attached to the gripping end of the 8 and 12 mm electrodes means that Inter-Weld anti-wear electrodes can be used with any type of electrode holder. All grades can be used with either AC or DC current.

A heterogeneous deposit of carbide particles in a tough, less hard matrix gives alloys that combine high abrasion resistance with good impact resistance. Because of the special, moisture resistant flux coating and the relatively low amperage required for the tubular product, the Inter-Weld range is extremely versatile.

The 12 mm electrodes may be applied using as low as 195 amps, and for rapid deposition, as high as 440 amps. The unique, completely moisture resistant flux coating, unlike other comparable manual electrodes, has eliminated the problem of moisture pick-up.

Narrow weld beads or wider, smooth deposits can be used on plate edges without the edge burning, giving a very low dilution of the substrate. Metal recovery from the Inter-Weld hard facing electrodes is extremely high; the 12 mm diameter has only four stub discards for each kilogram of electrodes.

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•  Lower dilution rates and extremely high alloy     concentrations can give a service life improvement in     excess of 300%
•  Little to no residual slag means that when multi     layers are required, no chipping of slag covering is     needed
•  The special flux coating means no moisture pick up     and an infinite storage life
•  Big savings in labour and excellent production     results can be achieved

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