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Inter-Screens Wedge Wire is made from either 304 or 316 stainless steel and can be used for many industrial applications.

Two regular uses of our Wedge Wire are for cover grates for open gullies found in food industry factories and shopping malls, and dewatering screens in the mineral process industries. Its small but strong apertures and ease of cleaning are ideally suited when hygiene is of high consideration. Wedge Wires dewatering capability see it used in many dewatering sieve as Sieve Bends.

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Inter-Screen Wedge Wire
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Sieve Bends

Wedge Wire is an ideal screening media for sieves and static dewatering screens. The Wedge Wire profile positioned perpendicular to the flow provides excellent separation.

It is important to note that to maintain effective separation the screen surface should be rotated 180 degrees at pre-determined intervals to position the sharp high leading edge of the profile to slurry the flow.

Rotation frequency is dependent on the abrasiveness of the feed slurry and can vary from just a few hours to several days. We will be pleased to assist in ensuring you obtain the maximum performance from your Inter-Screen Wedge Wire.

Ordering Information

The diagrams to the left show the relevant dimensions required of the screen panel, including the aperture size surface. Aperture size is dependent not only on the cut size required, but also by the angle of the cut surface. As an example, a screen slope of 60 degrees will result in an effective opening of approximately half the aperture size.

We will be pleased to assist you in obtaining the correct order information.

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Wedge Wire Screen Products - Inter Group of Companies

Wedge Wire Screen Products - Inter Group of Companies
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